Extreme Weather Preparedness for Agriculture (EWP) program will remain open until all program funds have been committed

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - 12:30

Extreme Weather Preparedness for Agriculture Program
Ministry of Agriculture and Food

In order to provide producers with more time and flexibility to complete their applications and projects, 
the current application intake is extended until all funds for this fiscal year have been committed 
(note: this means, unlike last year, a second intake of EWP will not be available for this fiscal year and we encourage you to apply at your earliest convenience to secure funding for your extreme weather project) 

Receipt of Applications 
Applications will be accepted and processed on a continuous basis until funds run out. 

Application Review and Decision
Program applications will be reviewed and processed on a first come, first served basis until all program funds have been committed. 
Decision letters are issued between 3-6 weeks after applying for the program, so the sooner you apply for the program, the earlier you will receive a decision letter. 

Completion of Projects
All projects must be completed by the deadline outlined on the funding Project Approval Letter.
All invoices and proofs of payment, Project Reimbursement Form, and Project Summary Reports (if required in the Project Approval Letter), must be submitted on or before January 15th, 2024 to be eligible for the program reimbursement. 

How to apply: 
Please visit the program website to submit your application online. 
To apply, review the project stream you are interested in and select the “Apply Now” button or scan QR code of each program stream to access the application.
Accessing the online application form requires a Basic BCeID. If you do not already have a Basic BCeID, you will need to register for one at https://www.bceid.ca/. 

What is new this year
BC licensed Apiculture, Aquaculture and Federally licensed Cannabis or Hemp Producers will now be able to apply for funding through the program.
New project categories added for 2023 include
Exterior sprinkler protection for critical infrastructure
Flood resilient Apiary Overwintering & Equipment Storage
Improved barn and indoor aquaculture cooling systems
Cooling Systems for Outdoor Aquaculture Operations
A new Innovation Project option is also available this year where applicants can propose new project concepts for consideration.

Note: Funding will be allocated on a first come, first served basis for all eligible completed applications. There is no guarantee that you will receive funding after you have completed an application to this Program.

For any questions or application support, please email 
1 888-221-7141

Contact BCGA

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