BCWGC Third Thursday - Soil Health & Testing:

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 09:00

Soil Health  & Testing
Christopher Mark, Vintality Tech Inc. 

In the vineyard we use many different testing methods to assess soil and plant health, and make fertilisation and other farming decisions.

But where does this data come from? How does research done in California in acidic soils apply to the high alkaline soils we have in the Okanagan and interior BC?

We'll be discussing the latest research around soil and plant tissue testing methodologies and best practices, and how this research can better inform our farming decisions.

The presenter, Christopher Mark, is the founder of Vintality Tech Inc. He has worked in soil science for the last 15 years conducting large soil sampling programs in both the mining and agricultural spaces, from soil sampling to mapping to soil pits. As well, he is currently running a precision fertilisation research project with Dr. Castellarin of UBC.

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