SuRDC: Horticultural Oils for Grape Pest Management, Tom Lowery

August, 2022

Summerland Research & Development Centre Wine Grape Research

Horticultural Oils for Grape Pest Management

Tom Lowery, Summerland Research & Development Centre, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

The availability of several oil products to BC grape growers offers the opportunity to manage certain pests in a more sustainable manner. The utility of oils allows their use as spray additives or fungicides, or they can be applied as dormant or summer sprays for the management of various grape pests. Thorough coverage of the lower leaf surface is critical for the effective management of pests and diseases, while some care is required to avoid possible damage when oils are applied too near to sprays of sulphurcontaining materials. With experience and additional research to support and expand registrations, horticultural oils are poised to assume a greater role in grape pest management in the future.

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