Jessica Ann Etta Neuhauser Starling Report - September 2013

August, 2016

Using Trace Elements to Chemically Fingerprint European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia
by Jessica Ann Etta Neuhauser

In order to determine origin(s) of the 2010 starling population in Kelowna, a portion of the Okanagan Valley, trace element analysis was performed on six different tissue types of starlings (brain, bone, muscle, heart, liver and feathers) to determine which, if any, would be the most appropriate for origin determination.

Three source populations were identified using principle component analysis by comparing immigrant birds to 95 % confidence intervals calculated around the means of each source population, proving that this technique can be applied to address small-scale movements in mobile organisms. More potential source locations are needed to characterize the Kelowna population. Trace elements proved to provide high
spatial resolution, separating populations within several hundred kilometers of each other.