Bartier Bros. would like to contract grapes, lease or purchase a vineyard

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All options are open for the region, structure of contract, and varietals, red and white.  Our criteria is that we'd like the correct varietal grown on the right site; we are partial to rocky soils though we would evaluate any site for its merits.  We're happy to contract with good growers, or lease and farm, or outright purchase the vineyard.  We would consider purchasing or leasing an established vineyard, or leasing bare land.

Bartier Bros. is a growing winery with a good reputation for its wines and its relationships.  First and foremost, we're farmers, and we recognize the need for growers to make a fair living off their land and hard work.  We're a good partner with our growers, we pay our bills, and we understand the challenges.  Please contact Michael Bartier by email.

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