Looking for grapes

Lang Vineyards in Naramata is looking for the following grapes for the 2018 harvest and willing to sign longer term contracts as well.

Riesling: 3-4 tons
Gewurztraminer: 10-12 tons
Schonburger: 1-2 tons
Muscat: 1-2 tons 
Pinot Blanc:  3-4 tons 
Viognier: 7-8 tons 
Pinot Gris: 6-7 tons 
Merlot: 5-6 tons
Cabernet Franc: 5-6 tons 
Cabernet Sauvignon: 3-4 tons 

Please contact Michael at mike@langvineyards.ca or at 778-514-5598. 

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